1.  If a man has been "periah" circumcised, he has less penis than the uncircumcised (or restored) male.  From
1/3 to 1/2 of the entire covering of the penis has been removed and discarded.  PART OF THE MAN'S PENIS IS
Don't believe me?  [<== Warning: Penis photos.]  

"The foreskin is not the candy wrapper, it's the candy
." Martin Novoa.  

Mutilation … implies the cutting off or removal of a part essential to completeness, not only of a person but also
of a thing, and to his or its perfection, beauty, entirety, or fulfillment of function.
 Webster's Dictionary of
Synonyms 1968

A foreskin is NOT a birth defect!

2.  There are several things that Periah circumcision removes forever.  One part of the male anatomy that is
amputated is called the ridged band.  This is a stretch receptor (if I understand it correctly).  It is VERY pleasurable
for the male when it stretches around the glans during arousal and then repeatedly so when gliding back and forth
in his own skin during intercourse.  If you were or your mate was Periah circumcised, THIS IS A PART OF THE
MALE THAT WILL REMAIN MISSING.  There is no restoration for this complex muscle group.  Snip, gone.  To
see how the ridged band functions,
click here.  To learn what the ridged band DOES, click here.  [<== Warning:
Penis photo.]  To see a good photo of an intact ridged band,
click here. [<== Warning: Penis photo.]

3.  Did I say forever?  Another "small" item removed during most Periah circumcisions is the frenulum.  Size wise,
what the clitoris is to the female, the frenulum is to the male.  It must be stated for the record that the raised ridge
around the base of the head of the penis (the
corona <== Warning: Penis photo) generates the most pleasure for the
male, but that is not his ONLY pleasure spot.  Most Periah circumcised males have had their "button" ripped off.  In
the civilized days of old, the frenulum used to be scratched off with a fingernail during Periah circumcision, now
with a scalpel.  You think about that for a while.  In some cases, the frenulum is left intact or only partially removed
during Periah circumcision as in the infant it is extremely tiny and is sometimes (thankfully) missed.  You KNOW
what the clitoris does for the female.  MEN, DO YOU NOW REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING,
FOREVER?  To see an intact frenulum, click here.  [<== Warning: Non-pornographic Erect Penis photos.]

4.  That seemingly insignificant "quarter sized" piece of flesh "circumcised" from a 7 lb baby grows
proportionately into manhood.  From 12 to 15 square inches of skin are missing from the average sized penis of a
Periah circumcised adult male.  That 12-15 square inches of skin (the size of the 3x5 card below) is stocked full of
pleasure receptors.  That 12-15 square inches of foreskin has 240 FEET of nerves and 1000 nerve endings.  Are you
having trouble comprehending this 12-15 square inches?  
Click here.  

If this has been amputated from your penis, THE PLEASURE RECEPTORS LOCATED IN THIS AREA OF SKIN
ARE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!  The simple fact is that 100% of Periah circumcised men "suffer" reduced
sensitivity and pleasure.

"Without nerve endings, one cannot feel -- much as without eyes, one cannot see."  
Fran P. Hosken

One man, Periah circumcised at 26 years of age wrote that sex before his circumcision, on a scale of 1-10 was a 12
or 13.  He lamented that after circumcision, it was a 3 at best.  Another gentleman who elected to be Periah
circumcised at 19 years of age later regretted his decision and agreed that circumcised sex was a 3.  But the latter
fellow decided to restore his covering and the final result after restoration was a seven.  Short of a 10 (or 12-13)
maybe, but a whole lot better than a THREE!  Read his story
here.  When your blood stops boiling because of your
loss, do something about it.  The ridged band and the frenulum are irreplaceable, non-restorable pleasure zones.  
They are gone, but you CAN do something about restoring some of the other things you were born with, like
coverage, pheromones, and mucus membrane for a glans instead of sandpaper on a dowel.

5.  Did I mention pheromones?  I'm sorry if this paints too vivid of a picture in your head, but the scent of a
woman arouses a male.  It is her pheromones.  She can't help it.  One dirty little secret (and there are many) of the
circumcisers club is that Periah circumcision removes the male pheromone factory.  One reason some females find
it difficult to have intercourse, no matter how much they desire to do so, is because they are too dry.  This can be
remedied with an artificial lubricant of course, but this does not remedy the sandpaper on the dowel problem.  The
Creator designed a natural switch to turn on the female's automatic lubrication system -- male pheromones (read:
the scent of a man).  Male pheromones causes the woman to "naturally" lubricate up.  The aroused penis of the
uncircumcised (or restored) male releases those pheromones.  He can't help it, and her "wet" response cannot be
helped either, it just happens that way because you were both designed to function that way.  If you or your mate
has been circumcised, THIS IS ANOTHER THING YOU ARE MISSING!  His pheromone producing equipment
has been lopped off.  Have you purchased your stock in KY Jelly
(R)  yet?

6.  Did I say sandpaper on a dowel?  The surface of the glans (head) of the penis is not "skin", it is a mucus
membrane, like the inner lining of the eye or lip, or the lining of the labia/vagina.  The glans is an internal organ and
this mucous membrane was designed to be thin, soft, moist and supple.  Sex with a penis in the intact
(uncircumcised) or restored state requires little, if any, artificial lubrication for the female.  The glans of a Periah
circumcised male is dry and rough from constant contact with the air and clothing.  To see the difference,
click here.
Warning: Non-pornographic Erect Penis photos.]  The dry, rough, thick surface on the Periah circumcised
glans penis is a keratinized or cornified (and less sensitive) version of the moist glans that every male was born
with. Sex with a Periah circumcised partner commonly causes micro scratches and abrasions in the vagina, with
soreness and desensitization (for the female) as a result.  Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever engaged in a
passionate evening with your partner, and the next evening the male half of your partnership desires to enter the
Garden of Eden again only to have the female half of the partnership say, "Sorry honey.  I'd love to, but I'm still
sore from last night"?  Now you know why.  She's been rubbed raw.  The corona enters the vagina OK, but acts like
a barb on the out stroke.  Because it is rough and dry (keritanized), rather than silky smooth, moist and pliable, it
scratches the lining of the vagina.  NOTE: These micro scratches are also an open portal for sexually transmittable
diseases, both viral and bacterial, to directly access the blood stream.  Periah circumcision does not affect the male
only!  Ladies, if your man has been Periah circumcised, you are not only endangering yourself, YOU ARE
intact penis functions,
click here.  With an uncircumcised (or restored) male, the foreskin covers the corona on the out stroke, reducing
friction induced over-stimulation for the male and reducing or eliminating the friction induced micro abrasions for
the female while at the same time protecting her.

7.  Did I mention friction?  While the corona is carving up the lining of the vagina, it is doing something to the
male too.  A blessing for the female is that for many men, HAVING A PERIAH CIRCUMCISION SHORTENS
THE DURATION OF INTERCOURSE.  This is an interesting conundrum.  It seems to be a contradiction that
even with the coronal ridge, the most pleasurable part of the male anatomy, exposed full time, that all Periah
circumcised men should suffer from decreased sensitivity.  Let me

In theory, having a desensitized Periah circumcised penis, roughened from years of contact with clothing and dried
and from constant exposure to the air should PROLONG intercourse.  Yet, this is not the case.  Premature
ejaculation is a common complaint in both circumcised and uncircumcised men, so a foreskin neither causes, nor
prevents premature ejaculation.  There are many factors that lead to premature ejaculation (emotional, mental, as
well as physical), but the vast majority of men who complain of this ARE circumcised, even though statistically,
they are in the minority.  Eighty-five percent of the human male population is NOT circumcised.  So, what is
causing this problem?

When you get a bug bite, and it itches, you scratch it, right?  What happens a few minutes later?  You scratch it
again.  This is because of the histamines that are released under the surface of the skin because of the scratching.  
The bite causes the release of histamines and so does the scratching.  If you never scratch a bug bite, it will, for the
most part, stop bothering you sooner than if you begin to scratch it and release even more of those histamines.  It is
the histamines that recreate the itching sensation, so you scratch it again (and again, and AGAIN).  The "sensation"
caused by the scraping of the coronal ridge backward (on the out stroke) along the vaginal wall releases histamines
in the coronal ridge of the circumcised penis.  
Periah Circumcised Men, what you have mistaken for pleasure is
akin to a sneeze.  There is an irritant in the nose that leads to an expulsion, an explosive sneeze.  Histamines are
released in the corona by the constant, irritating friction between the corona and the vaginal wall, leading to an
expulsion, or an explosion of semen.  For many men (AND WOMEN), this happens
sooner than desired.  A sneeze
is the result of a chemical reaction in the nasal passage.  Can you stop a sneeze?  Neither can some men stop the
result of the chemical reaction that takes place under the skin of their penis.  
NOTE: If you are a medical
practitioner and the evidence presented here is not medically correct or I've used the wrong terminology, please let
me know and I will correct it immediately.

8.  To get an idea of how much skin you are missing, this site linked below has be best illustrations of the
different types of cuts, the amounts of skin removed, and the overall Before and After appearance of the penis if
you will scroll down this page.  Please note that the tighter cuts actually reduces the over all size and appearance of
the penis in it's flaccid (soft, non-erect) state.  Click the
link to this site.  (<== Beware some of the photos and
other pages on this site
. Also, this site seems to be pro-circumcision.)  The good news is that you can undo some
of the damage done.  One problem that happens to many guys who are circumcised is that their penis is (for
example only) 2 inches long in the flaccid state.  It just "pokes" forward because there is not enough weight for it
to hang down.  But during restoration suddenly they have 4 inches hanging in the flaccid state.  They don't have
more penis, just what they were born with is permitted to blossom.  Basically they go from a grower to a shower.  
[The numbers I'm using below are used for ease of comparison...]  

Definition of a grower: a man with a 6 inch erection (for example only) but only 2 inches flaccid.  Meaning that
though the numbers may vary, there is a considerable difference between the flaccid and erect state.  Please note
that in this example, the "grower" gains 4 inches giving him an erection that is 3 times longer than he is flaccid, but
not much shows in his pants.  Another example, a fellow who grows from 1 inch flaccid to 4 inches erect is a
grower, no different than a fellow with a 2.5 inch flaccid penis who ends up with a 7 inch erection.  Both are "growers."

Definition of a shower: a man with the same 6 inch erection, but with 4-5 inches of penis while flaccid.  Meaning
that though the numbers may vary, there is little change between flaccid and erect state.  Please note that this fellow
ends up with the same 6 inch erection, but gains only 0.5 times (or less) the length going from flaccid to erect state,
but has something to "show" in his pants.  Another example, a fellow with a 4 inch flaccid penis and a 4.5 inch
erection is a shower, no different than a fellow with 6 inches hanging flaccid and a 7 inch erection.  Both are "showers."

If a fellow is already a shower, he will probably not gain that much by way of flaccid appearance if he restores his
shaft skin, however, the same cannot be said for the growers.  It is true, some men may just have a small penis, and
will see no increase in flaccid length if they restore, but some men's penises have been trapped, kind of like wearing
a shirt that is 2 sizes too small.  Give them the room they need and you may have a pleasant surprise a few months
after you begin your restoration project.  >wink<

9.  A survey of women who had experienced sex with both Periah circumcised and uncircumcised men, found that
a whopping 89% of those surveyed preferred sex with the "intact" male.  That's nine out of ten.  THESE WOMAN
REALIZED WHAT THEY WERE MISSING with the Periah circumcised male.  

Gentlemen, GROW IT BACK!

Click the following links to learn how.  Be forewarned, for clarity's sake, there are photos of adult penises on
these links.
 For the record, I do not approve of every photo or suggestion on these sites, but in my opinion, these
are some of the best methods on the market today to restore what you were born with.  Surgery is an option, but
expensive, potentially dangerous and not without risk, not to mention you can never be sure of the outcome.  
Tugging, in it's various forms, takes more time, but is MUCH less expensive, and you can stop when you want.  
There is no risk of having more or less coverage than you desire.  Other restoration methods require taping and
weights, others require no tape at all, rather they tug the foreskin by a tension method that you may not understand
even if you see it.  (It's amazing really.  Stays on with no visible means.)  The tugging strength of an elastic strap can
be adjusted, unlike the T-tape and the tape and weight (more like tape and wait) method.  The weights are in
ounces, a device with elastic straps can be adjusted to 3-5 lbs for short periods as tolerated (of course less tension is
normally used for longer periods).  It goes on in 10 seconds and comes off in 2 seconds.  I highly recommend the
TLC Tugger(R).  It is similar to the TugAhoy (which is no longer available) and will get the job done for less money.  
DTR (be forewarned of the photos if you surf this site) also looks promising.  I have used all three listed
above, and a couple of other methods to add variety, which keeps my shaft skin guessing, never getting comfortable
or in a rut.  My personal philosophy is that active tugging will complete the regrowth quicker.  Adding the tension
of an elastic strap is better, in my opinion, than passive regrowth devices.  That said, there are some more passive
methods that seems to have better results than might be expected, however, you need to have some slack skin to
work with to utilize them, so start with something more aggressive.  The more passive methods that I've found that
work are the RTM (Reverse Tape Method) and using a water balloon in conjunction with the Your Skin Cone (by
TLC Tugger).  Contact me for details.  There are others products out there, all of which show success, some more
so or more efficiently than others,
you decide which is best for you.  The one that works for you is the best product
on the market!!  For some things to think about before you restore, click


Against the Cut

Myths and facts

How to care for the uncircumcised (or restored) penis.  This site is primarily for infant care, but adult hygiene is similar.

History of Circumcision in the USA.

History of Uncircumcision.
You probably don't want to know
What you are missing!
Some guys have a foreskin.  I got the shaft.  Bumper sticker
Men were born with a foreskin for a reason.  Several reasons actually.  Very, VERY good reasons.