Was your (or your mate's) entire foreskin as well as half the shaft skin
removed when circumcised?

Did you know that the command to circumcise found in the Book of Genesis
did not include the amputation of the entire covering of the penis?

This site is dedicated to restoration and to challenge you
to take another look at the western practice of circumcision.

This is NOT a porn site.  There is a difference.
Disclaimer: On this site there are photos (and links showing photos) of the male penis.  Some are normal,
many show circumcision damage, but none are pornographic in nature.  If you do not wish to see these photos,
please heed the warnings posted as none of these photos will be seen unless you open that link.  This site has
been produced for the re-education of mature adults who have been lied to all their lives.  Please note: while I
have taken care to select only the most educational websites links, I cannot be held responsible for any
objectionable photos, content or other links that are on posted on the sites that I have referenced.  As a
warning to the more sensitive among us, please use the utmost discretion when surfing around on these sites.

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