Photos used by permission.
Please note that in the first photo, a ring has been drawn around the tip or opening at the end of the penis (1) and also around the corona (2), the base of the head
of the penis.  As this skin is drawn back, take note of just how much skin has been removed during a periah circumcision.  Please note that in the last photo, the
original ring drawn around the opening of the penis (
1) is now nearly to the base of the shaft of the penis itself.  What is amputated during circumcision is not only
the outer skin seen between the lines in the first photo, but also the inner skin that is progressively revealed distal to ring No. 1 in the subsequent four photos.  This
is what totals the 12-15 square inches of innervated skin that an adult penis is missing.
Portrayed is a flaccid (not erect) penis.

A trombone can play more notes than a bugle.  
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