Thank you for your interest in my perspective on this matter.  My journey began 5-18-2006.

Here is how I see it.  I observed a counterfeit sabbath until I discovered the true, then I made
the switch.  My parents observed a counterfeit circumcision and now that I have discovered
the truth, so I am again making the switch.  I grew in knowledge regarding the Sabbath, now
I am regrowing skin because of new knowledge regarding circumcision.  Man butchered the
Sabbath and I have no quarrel repairing the old waste places, repairing the breach.  I see no
difference between restoring the Sabbath or one's state of circumcision.  Granted, you and I
were both circumcised, that blood sacrifice (if that is what it was) was met, but rather than
bear the mark of Abraham, I bear the mark of the Jewish Rabbis.  This is what makes me
mad.  I am not mad at YHVH for allowing this, I am not mad at my parent's ignorance on the
subject.  I am mad at the enemy of souls.  While it is quite possible that giving too much flesh
is OK, the plain and simple fact is that I bear the mark of a thief and a liar rather than mark of
my father Abraham. The heavenly Father did not require every day as a worship day (only
the seventh day) or all your increase (only 10% tithe) and the Father did not demand that I
give Him my entire prepuce, only the fore end of it.  There is no extra credit for giving more
than is required.

I am sure there will be MILLIONS of people in the kingdom whose foreskins will be restored
by YHVH to their required state as they had no knowledge of this counterfeit.  For better or
for worse, I learned this before my death so I am responsible for what I have learned.  The
Father has asked US to be the restorers of the old waste places, and while undoubtedly, He
will not leave us to our own devices, He did
not say that He would be doing the restoring.  
He leads us to the knowledge of the truth, then desires us to tear down what needs torn
down, and to repair and restore that which needs built back up.

If you choose to stop here and just re-educate the present and next generation of parents so
that they will not butcher their boys, that is fine.  That is indeed restoring and repairing.  My
choice is to go the next step and reclaim what is rightfully mine and my spouse's.  The
Father made an incredible machine in the human body.  Only He can regenerate a stony
heart to an heart of flesh, but other parts of the anatomy can regenerate because of the
miracle of life in each of us.  

We all stand "naked" before the Father (not literally of course), but figuratively, we can hide
nothing from Him.  If David's men were embarrassed that their garments were cut off at the
buttocks and half their beards were cut off, and they were not even allowed into the city until
their beards were "restored", how am I to feel about the covenant agreement made with
Abraham and his seed?  How can I stand before the Father "with my head uncovered", with
the glans of my penis bared?  Who was it that said it is an abomination for a man to pray
with his head covered, Paul?  I am
embarrassed and angry that I bear the mark of the
Rabbis, so with the Yah breathed power invested in my body's ability to regenerate, I will do
just that.  

Patience is a virtue, but I want my covering back now.  Is that bad?  Yes, we CAN fully
change our state of circumcision by the miracle of the regenerative properties already
invested in our bodies.  Yes, it is a miracle from our Creator, but it is not something you have
to wait for.  The miracle is already made available.  My restoration is not complete, but I
hope to have restored my penis to the original Hebrew standard within the coming months,
perhaps years.  As of 2013, I am nearly finished with my restoration.

Comments?  Feel free to ask questions about this restoration process.